Buying Organic On A Budget

downloadBuying organic food is something you can do that will help you, and the environment as well. One of the issues that people have with organic is that it tends to be more expensive than food that is non-organic. Organic food is coming down in price, and is moving closer to being on-par with regular food that is not organic in terms of price. Nonetheless, if you want to buy organic, there are several things you can do to buy organic food on a budget. Just because you don’t make as much money, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be enjoying organic food.

First of all, do your research online. There are many companies online that sell organic food at a low price. They ship the food directly to you, and they provide the organic food at a lower rate than you find in grocery stores. The main thing is that you should make sure that your organic food from these retailers are actually organic.

Second, check out farmer’s markets. Farmer markets are a great place to find organic food. While the food may not have organic certifications, many farmers will grow the food without the use of pesticides. Ask questions of the farmer at the farmer’s market, and find out what exactly they do to make sure their food is organic. Another great plus about buying organic food at a farmer’s market is that you are buying local, and thereby helping the local economy.

Rather than buying one apple, buy in bulk. If you buy in bulk, you are going to save a lot of money on your purchase. In addition, you will have plenty of organic food to eat. That being said, don’t let it go bad because your organic food is not full of pesticides and preservatives. You can freeze your organic food too.

Buy as much of the organic food as you can when it is in season. If you buy in-season, it is going to be less expensive than if you buy it out of season.

Lastly, you can just grow your own in your own backyard garden.

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Written by: Yehudith Girshberg

The Healthy Choice That is Grape Juice

grape_juice_concentrateMany people do not like grape juice, finding it slightly bitter, but the truth is that even if you don’t like grape juice, you should be drinking it. Grape juice is incredibly good for you and is filled with many healthy benefits. If you are getting organic grape juice, all the better. Grape juice can help you in a number of ways.

In a study done in 1999 and published in Circulation, it was found that 15 patients who had cardiovascular disease, who drank a glass of grape juice each day, ended up having lower levels of bad cholesterol after only two weeks. Ultrasound images also discovered that there were changes to the artery walls, and blood was moving freely through the arteries.

Naturally, the benefits of grape juice for the heart also means that it helps to prevent heart attacks and lowers the risk of blood clots that can lead to heart attacks, stroke and even death. Red wine does the same, but grape juice is something you can drink at work. Drinking grape juice on a daily basis will also help to lower blood pressure and help reduce your weight, while slowing down the aging process.

In another study done at the University of California, it was discovered that drinking grape juice but a key antioxidant into the body, which lasted there for four hours, compared to only 3.2 hours for alcoholic red wine.

Other benefits of grape juice include preventing tumors in the body. Resveratrol, found in grape juice, has been found to prevent cancer and purple-colored grape juice can help prevent breast cancer.

If someone suffers from asthma, grape juice can help as an effective asthma treatment thanks to the eminent therapeutic value of the drink. The anti-oxidants in grape juice also help to prevent problems with aging including Alzheimer’s disease.

Above everything though, grape juice is going to help boost your immune system and make you feel healthier and happier.


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Written by: Yehudith Girshberg

Sesame Seed Oil Isn’t Just For Eating

GroupWhen you think of sesame seed oil, you probably think of it as something you put onto salads, or possibly in some recipes, but did you know that one of the biggest benefits of sesame seed oil comes not from ingesting it, but putting it on your skin? That is right, sesame seed oil has been used for centuries in India as a healing oil, and it has been found to actually inhibit the growth of malignant melanoma, or skin cancer as it is commonly known.

Sesame seed oil has also been shown to help with skin cell regulating and the slowing down of cell growth.

In a study done at Maharishi International College, it was found that students who rinsed their mouths out with sesame seed oil had an 85 per cent decrease in bacteria that causes gingivitis. In another study, it was found that sesame seed oil could be used as nose drops and helped cure chronic sinusitits. You can also use it as a throat gargle to get rid of cold bacteria.

If you are out in the sun and you get a sun burn, you can put sesame seed oil on your skin and that will help to calm the burn. If you have dandruff, you can use the oil in your hair to deal with dry scalp dandruff and to kill bacteria that causes dandruff. It can even protect the skin from the effects of chlorine in pools!

It has also been found that sesame seed oil enters the skin and tissues very quickly, and it can go almost down to the marrow of the bone. Even the liver does not get rid of sesame seed oil molecules because it sees them as beneficial to the body.

You can give your joints more flexibility by putting sesame seed oil on it, and it will also tighten the facial skin and control wrinkles. For teenagers, it has been found that sesame seed oil is very good for young skin and can help prevent the eruption of pimples on the skin. It is also good to serve as a protection from diaper rash in babies.

Needless to say, sesame seed oil is a fantastic product that does the body a great deal of good and you don’t even have to ingest it to get the benefits! That is what we call a wonder product, and it is all natural.



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Written by: Yehudith Girshberg

Why Go Organic?

You have probably heard a lot about going organic but is it something that you should do? Organic food tends to cost more, so many may not think it is worth the cost as a result. Should you pay the cost? The short answer is yes, going organic is certainly worth whatever higher cost you pay. In addition, organic food is becoming cheaper and cheaper, so cost is becoming less of a concern with each passing year.

Why should you consider going organic?

The first reason is that it is good for you. Organic food is free of harmful pesticides and herbicides. There are no chemicals used, and that keeps you from ingesting chemicals into your body. Organic food cannot use chemicals, or else it is not organic. When you have organic, you keep only natural ingredients in your body, no chemicals.

The second reason is that it is good for the environment. Algae dead zones are appearing throughout the world were rivers meet seas and oceans. These areas are empty of oxygen, which causes many species to die. Chemicals from agricultural are to blame, so by buying organic items, you are preventing that from happening. You are also protecting native habitats, and keeping species from suffering from the chemicals being used in the area to grow crops. Organic protects land, water, and the air. It keeps the environment healthy, by using proper practices that help crops grow without the need for chemicals. It could be said that organic is much more natural than any other type of practice, and the best for the environment and you.

The third reason for organic is that it is just the way we are supposed to eat food. We should never have to wash our fruits and vegetables before eating them, that is not natural. Organic is the way food is supposed to be consumed.


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Written by: Yehudith Girshberg