WOW! This Just May Be The Best Grape Juice Ever!


Red Grapes have been known for thousands of years for their taste, versatility, and health benefits. Everyone loves to eat them, but science has confirmed that to get the very most out this powerful fruit it needs to be crushed. Surprisingly, eating grapes won’t provide all the benefits that would be obtained by drinking the juice. This is because during the liquification process, not only is the skin and pulp of the grape crushed, but the seeds are as well. This is the key – the fact that the seeds are very rich in flavonoids. Now take a Grape Juice that is USDA Certified Organic, has NO Preservatives, is NON-GMO, is kosher and produced on an Austrian family farm for over 800 years and what do you have? Just about the healthiest Grape Juice on the market: De La Rosa’s “WOW, This Is It!” 100% Organic Red Grape Juice.

What does drinking Grape Juice actually do to our bodies? Well, the best way to find out is to actually try drinking it. But for the sake of time let’s just take what scientists have found from their research. The flavonoids in grape juice have been shown to prevent the oxidation of so-called bad cholesterol (LDLs, or low-density lipoproteins) that leads to formation of plaque in artery walls. In other words, Grape Juice reduces inflammation & lowers blood pressure, which could mean a healthier heart. Licensed nutritionist Yuri Ortiz-Tobar, from MA-YU Nutrition Center of West Palm Beach, Florida, has been recommending De La Rosa’s Red Grape Juice to her patients as part of a detox plan that revitalizes and cleanses the circulatory system. She says that “Our Organs need a Vacation” and after her recommended 3 days of detox, spread out over 20 days, she says her patients are coming back with astounding results. One of her clients claimed she even lost 10lbs within those 20 days, not to mention that she felt healthier inside and out. It’s no wonder that people are amazed by the results of drinking De La Rosa’s 100% Organic Grape Juice. It’s even in the name: WOW! This Is It!

Health Benefits of Red Grape Juice

  • Flavonoids found in grape juice can raise the level of HDL (good) cholesterol. This could prevent blockage of arteries and the heart remains healthy
  • Resveratrol found in grape juice might prevent the formation of tumors in the body helping to prevent cancer 1 – Natural Medicines (
  • By drinking grape juice, the levels of nitric oxide is increased in the body which can reduce the formation of clots in blood vessels. This may reduce chances of heart attacks
  • “Drinking grape juice everyday may be an easy way for hypersensitive individuals to significantly lower their blood pressure,” 2 – Dr Kevin Maki, director of the Nutrition and Metabolism Research Unit at Radiant Research, Chicago
  • Grape juice may cure blood disorders and is a very good blood purifier. It flushes out harmful toxins from the body which can also help to lose weight
  • Antioxidants present in grape juice may help boost the immune system and help prevent Alzheimer’s disease
  • Red colored grape juice has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties
  • De La Rosa Grape Juice is made from 100% fresh organic grapes from organically grown vineyards
  • Our Organic Grape Juice is NEVER made from Concentrate; No irradiation used
  • USDA Organic. GMO Free. Gluten Free. Vegan. No Preservatives, Water, Sugar or Sulphites added ever!
  • Kosher All Year Around & Kosher For Passover


Organic Grape Juice is a Must! “WOW! This is It!”

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Great Taste! Super Healthy!

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