Secrets to Cooking with Red Wine Vinegar

According Readers Digest Food in an article written by Perri O. Blumberg

Red Wine Vinegar adds surprising brightness to multiple dishes and foods. The growing demand for salads as a snack item is making Red Wine Vinegar the perfect substitute for other dressings.

Look at the other ways Red Wine Vinegar can enhance your meals:

  • Can be used as a marinade for meats
  • Pair with sautéed onions for a delicious garnish
  • Great for summer salads with sweet fruits
  • Add a dash to cilantro-infused guacamole
  • Use as a sauce to finish dishes

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Lemon Olive Oil Cake

Wow !!

Lindsey from Kosher Art Cooking used our 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil in their olive oil cake recipe and it tastes delicious!

Our extra virgin olive oil provides powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidants and polyphenols loaded with health benefits for a unique flavor. No preservatives or additives added either.

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Lemon Olive Oil Cake

By Lindsey

Prep Time: 60 min Serves: 12

1/2 cup De La Rosa 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/4 tsp salt

4 eggs

1 Lemon Zest lemon

2 lemons

1/2 tsp baking powder

1 cup flour

1/2 cup powdered sugar

6 slices dried lemon

1 cup sugar

Get all ingredients together! Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Put a little bit of Olive Oil in a pan. Line the bottom of the pan with parchment paper. I used a Heart pan! Beat together the eggs and sugar until very Fluffy in a mixer on high setting for 6 minutes. After beating it together put the olive oil and 2 lemons juice into the eggs and sugar. Use a rubber spatula and fold the ingredients together. Take another bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, salt and lemon zest. Then fold in all ingredients together.

Beat together the eggs and sugar until very fluffy in a mixer on high setting for 6 minutes. After beating it together put the olive oil and 2 lemons juice into the eggs and sugar. Use a rubber spatula and fold the ingredients together. Take another bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, salt and lemon zest. Then fold in all ingredients together.

Favorite Olive Oil –

Pour Cake batter into pan and cook for 35 mins

Wait 5 mins till cake is cool. Then sprinkle Powered Sugar on top of the cake.

Top cake with 6 dried lemon slices!



The Top Five Reasons To Eat Better Now

downloadOver the course of this blog, we have talked about a number of important things including recipes, new ideas, real food, organics, kosher and much more. There are many reasons why you should look at eating right and changing your life, but these are the top five to consider right now.

  1. The first, and best reason, is that it will do wonders for your health. When you start eating real foods and organics, and stay away from processed foods, you are helping your body out and that can give you years, even decades more life. The world is suffering through an obesity epidemic right now, and the bad foods we eat is a big reason for that. Stop eating bad foods, and get healthy right now. All it takes is changing your diet and eating better.
  2. The second reason is that it is good for the environment. When you eat organic, you help build the organic industry, and you help organic farmers make money. The more money organic farming makes, the more farmers who will look at it as a viable option and the better off the entire world is going to be. Organic is good for you and the environment.
  3. The third reason is that you will feel better about yourself. When you eat better, you feel better. You will gain confidence in yourself, and you will like yourself more. You will just be a happier person when you decide to start eating right.
  4. The fourth reason is that real food and organic food just tastes better. Eat some processed cheese, then eat a fresh tomato straight from the garden. See which you like better. It is no contest, the real food tastes better, it feels better and it is simply better. Forget about the foods that you are eating that are fast food, go slow, and make something excellent and tasty.
  5. The last reason is that it is simply the right thing to do. The world is changing, and you can be at the forefront of it by joining the real food and organic food revolutions. Don’t be left behind eating Big Macs, get with the new trend and feel better about yourself, and help make the world a bit of a better place one organic salad at a time.

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Written by: Yehudith Girshberg

What is strictly forbidden in Kosher foods?

We all know that Kosher foods are the foods consumed by the Jewish people, which meet the requirements of their religion, but how much do we actually know about Kosher foods? What are the foods that Jewish individuals cannot eat? Why is that the case? Here is a brief rundown of the foods that are forbidden to be consumed under Kosher law.

First we will look at meat. Kosher meat must comply with a number of rules under Jewish dietary law. The only types of meat that can be consumed are cattle and game that has cloven hooves and, in the word of the Torah, “chew the cud”. If for example the animal only qualifies for one of these, like the pig for example, then its meat cannot be consumed. Animals that are Kosher are bulls, sheep, lambs, goats, veal, springbok and cows. When the animal is slaughtered, it must be done under the supervision of a Kosher Supervisor. The carcass must be have the blood removed, as well as the veins and the skin. To do this the meat is trebered, then soaked in a bath, then put on special salting tables for an hour on each side.

For birds, the only birds that can be consumed are goose, duck, chick and turkey.

All dairy products must come from Kosher animals and it must not contain any additives that are not Kosher.

One interesting Kosher rule is that it is against dietary law to combine meat and milk. According to the Torah, you cannot cook a young animal in the milk of its mother. As such, milk and meat products can never be mixed together, whether it is cooking them together, or serving them together at the table.

Eggs are allowed, but not if they contain eggs, so all eggs must be examined individually.

Only fish with fins and scales can be consumed, which includes tuna, herring and salmon. Lobster, crab, mussels and shrimp cannot be consumed.

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Written by: Yehudith Girshberg

Organics In Other Countries

Canadian_Organic_SealWe all know that when you buy something grown in the United States, it can be certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture. That is great and all, but you don’t just buy your organic food from the United States. This then begs the question, of whether or not the food you buy elsewhere from other countries is actually organic. What are their certifications that prove that it is organic?

  1. In Canada, the federal government has been certifying organic products since June of 2009. Canada’s Organic Production Regulation is very similar to that of the United States and the European Union in terms of the rules it has in place to ensure proper organic regulation.
  2. In Europe, there has been organic legislation since 1992, when it was implemented throughout the continent. Supervision of certification is handled on a national level among countries, but there is an EU-wide label that is used for organic certification. It has been mandatory on all organic food since 2010.
  3. Japan has the Japan Agricultural Standard, which was implemented in 2001, and revised in 2005. It requires all organic farmers to be certified by the Ministry of Agriculture.
  4. Australia has an organic certification that is conducted by the Biosecurity division of the Department of Agriculture. All organic claims must be accredited under this program to be exported out of the country and labeled as organic.
  5. In India, the APEDA regulates all organic products under the National Standards for Organic Production. The standards of this program have been recognized by the European Union.
  6. In China, the China Green Food Development Centre gives out two standards, A and AA, to certify organic.

Buying organic elsewhere in the world is growing in popularity and more and more countries are looking to certify their products as organic so they can reach the huge market of the United States. If the food you are buying is certified organic in another country, chances are it is going to be considered organic in your home country as well.

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Written by: Yehudith Girshberg




Is Real Food Different From Organic?

download (4)You have probably heard a lot about the real food revolution. Around the world, people are talking about getting back to real foods and away from processed garbage that is causing problems with our health, not the least of which is obesity. Real foods contain real minerals and vitamins that the body needs. The question many ask though, is whether or not real food is organic food. Is all real food organic, or are only some real foods organic? Should you buy only organic real food?

First, real food is not always organic. Real food is only food that is grown from the Earth. It is food like fruits and vegetables, but it does not mean that you are getting organic food. Nonetheless, non-organic fruits and vegetables are better for your body than processed potato chips and pork. With real food, the food contains everything that you need, but you are going to want to keep the things you don’t want out of it when you can and that means going organic.

Organic real food is the best thing you can do for your body. One thing to remember is that while not all real food is organic, all organic food is real food. This is because to be organic certified, the food must be grown in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. This means no chemicals, no preservatives, just natural food. If you worry that the food you are eating may not be as healthy as you thought with real food because of the chemicals used in the process of growing, then you should just go organic.

No matter what type of organic food you go for, if it is certified organic you are getting something natural and something good for you.

Going for real food is a great thing to do for your body, but if you really want to benefit yourself and your body, then you need to make sure that the real food you are eating is organic real food.

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Written by: Yehudith Girshberg

Health Benefits of Organic Food

download (4)We have talked a lot about organic foods lately. Well, there is a reason for that. Organic foods are very good for you and for your life. Organic is literally the best thing you can do with your eating habits because you are preventing those pesticides from getting into your body and causing havoc with your body. Organic does the exact opposite. There are many things that organic can do for you and your health.

Here are just some of the health benefits of organic food.

Organic tomatoes are very healthy for you. In a study that went on for 10 years at the University of California, it was found that organic tomatoes are produced in an environment that has a much lower supply of nutrients because there are no chemical fertilizers being used. This is actually a very good thing because it causes an excessive amount of antioxidants, about 97 per cent more, to be produced. Anti-oxidants can help deal with cancer and even prevent it.

Speaking of anti-oxidants, there have been a number of studies that have found that organic foods have higher levels of anti-oxidants. The lack of foreign chemicals in the fruit and vegetables don’t allow for the negative aspects of the chemicals to remove the anti-oxidants.

Pesticides have allowed for higher crop yields because of the removal of pests, but those pesticides also use things like organophosphorus, which is a powerful chemical and it is not needed by our bodies, yet 80 per cent of that material in our body comes from pesticide-ridden fruits and vegetables.

Organic food has been found to be healthier for the heart as well. For animals that graze on grass, if they eat more grass they increase the levels of conugated linoleic acid in their bodies. This is very good for the cardiovascular system when we eat it. It is found in high amounts among animals that are raised in free-range and cage-free environments.

Lastly. organic foods are also believed to help us with our immune system and antibiotic resistance because of the higher levels of natural compounds found int he fruits and vegetables that are organic, rather than made with chemicals.


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Written by: Yehudith Girshberg